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Services and Samples

This section will introduce you to the myriad of video shooting services that 3rd Eye Video offers. We also do digital video editing of material that was not shot by us. Product will be digital remastered and produced.


Video shooting of Weddings is one of our in demand service. Our professional service and Quality of product has become an expected quality of 3rd Eye Video. When you are ready to get married to that special someone you should give us a call.
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Stage Shows & Parties

With stage shows we have proven that we can deliver excellent results with a 2 camera shoot or a 3 camera shoot depending on the clients needs. We will even deliver spectacular video service for a single camera shoot of a stage show event or party/fete depending on the clients budget.
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Advertisements and Music Videos

Music videos are fastly becoming one of our in demand service. So far we have a few projects in the works. Also we have done some advertisements that are currently being aired on popular hotel networks in Jamaica.
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It is painful to loose the ones we love, but sometimes you will want memories of the last moments you have with them. We therefore offer video service for their funeral service.
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Other Services

3rd Eye Video can be tailored do almost any video service that you as the client will need. Some of which are short films, documentaries, social events, professional functions and conferences to name a few. So go ahead and contact us with your request we will surely provide you with a video shooting solution.
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